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Aspect 110.24″ x 43.00″ Dining Table

Aspect Dining Table 110

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Aspect 280×100 cm. is a table of an outstanding quality, in durable and elegant materials. Aspect combines the glow and warmth of the teak, with clean and solid ceramics. Aspect is designed by the Cane-line design team, focusing on creating a unique range of tables that can match the growing collection of high-end chairs for the outdoor space. Aspect is made with a teak frame, a solid aluminum core and a stylish ceramic tabletop. The mix between the wood and the ceramic gives an exclusive and refined expression that can set the frame for a fantastic outdoor dining area.


110.24" L x 28.4" H x 39.4" W


  • Aspect


  • Teak w/ Ceramic


  • Teak/Black