About Us

Poolside Landscaping

The Laurel Group specializes in sophisticated residential and commercial landscape projects in storied locations such as Long Island’s Gold Coast, the Hamptons, Fairfield and Westchester Counties.

Founded in 1993, the firm continues to build upon a reputation of excellence centered on impeccable design and unbeatable service. An in-season staff of more than 140 designers, project managers and crewmen work tirelessly to ensure that clients receive the highest possible standard of care in every step of the design process.

In addition, the Laurel Group subcontracts specialty trades to the finest craftsmen in the region. We work in concert together and pay careful attention to even the smallest detail in order to implement a design that embodies each client’s desires.

Instead of relying on advertisements for business growth, 90% of the company’s referrals come from customers so pleased with their overall experience that they recommend the services to others. Through the hard work and unmatched skill of the dedicated team, the Laurel Group creates an environment in which the highest standards are satisfied without sacrificing a personal touch.