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Enjoy outdoor living all year round with an aluminum pergola

The rainy autumn and cold winter months are not exactly the nicest periods to spend time outside. Or are they? With a pergola, you can enjoy your own garden all year round. Nature gives you space to breathe and energizes you, and the best way to maximize that — whatever the weather — is with an aluminum pergola. Integrated heating, speakers and lighting help create the ultimate outdoor experience: the comfort of the indoors, surrounded by nature.


A streamlined design with perfect integration of options or side panels for an attractive, sleek result.
Freestanding or lean-to
Louvered roof
Perfect integration of options
Customized down to the smallest detail


Contemporary, traditional or modern home? Enjoy a harmonious outdoor experience with a lean-to or freestanding Algarve® pergola.
Freestanding or lean-to
Slender support structure
Louvered roof
Joinable up to 6 x 6 meters without additional columns


An integrated louvered roof for existing or new structures. Practical, stylish and dynamic for maximum outdoor living enjoyment.
Louvered roof
Integrated into roof structure
High-precision customization
Perfect harmony with existing architecture


Minimalist design and perfect integration lend your home and pergola a uniform appearance. The strong upper roof is made of steel, and the screen underneath keeps you nice and dry.
Perfect integration
High-precision customization
Strong upper roof in steel plate
Tautly stretched ceiling with screen

Endless combinations with our side elements

Fully customize your pergola to your taste using our unique side elements. Glass sliding panels allow you to create extra living space in no time and the sun can be kept out (or let in) using our effective sun protection fabric.

A list of the options:

Outdoor Curtains
Surface-Mounted Screens
Integrated Screens
Glass Walls
Sliding Panels
Triangular Fiberglass Cloth
Fixed Wall With Vertical Line Structure
Fixed Wall With Horizontal Line Structure


Cannot see the wood for the trees when it comes to picking options for your very own aluminum pergola? Renson® has developed six design styles to help you create the ultimate outdoor experience. Together with trendwatcher Hilde Francq, we combined colors, materials and textures into concepts that offer perfect harmony. That way, you can effortlessly pick the overall ambience that perfectly matches your home and personal style. The possibilities are endless.

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