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Property Care Programs 

Laurel Group provides a portfolio of property care programs designed to enhance the health and beauty of each and every aspect of your landscape year-round. These programs are built on years of experience and forward thinking techniques to maintain the existing level of quality and mediate new threats. Each program is a fully comprehensive solution that allows us to address any issues in the moment and to develop a healthy landscape for year after year enjoyment.

Our Programs

Lawn & Garden Bed Program

Designed to maintain your turf and garden beds at their most pristine level, our comprehensive lawn and garden bed program includes our diligent weekly maintenance services, bed management, bed mulching, spring open, fall close, leaf clean-ups, lawn fertilization and disease management applications. Our staff conducts regular property inspections to identify problem areas and dispatch the most appropriate resources to ensure issues are addressed rapidly. Our annual lawn fertilization and disease management applications are continuously updated to address seasonal and environmental changes. Comprehensive turf and ornamental soil tests are conducted annually on each property such that we can adjust soil pH and apply macro and micro nutrients for each specific plant species. In addition, our team manages all aspects of the property irrigation system from turn on to turn off including inspections, adjustments, and repairs. Our preferred system for remote management is the Hunter Hydrawise system, which allows us to more rapidly make adjustments to the rate of watering when seasonal spikes occur.

Plant Healthcare Program

Our certified applicators inspect each property’s plantings five times annually throughout the growing season to determine optimal prescription for both preventative and corrective treatments. While each property receives a customized plan, applications can include Imidacloprid soil injection on evergreen plants for pest damage, deep root fertilization with bio stimulants, preventative fungicide, insecticide, and horticultural oil spray for aphids, mites and scale, cultural care recommendations for watering, pruning, and airspading, and proper species selection for a sustainable and beautiful landscape.

Pruning Program

Providing proper pruning  annually ensures your trees and shrubs stay strong and healthy. Almost all species of plants benefit from pruning at some time of the season. Our program includes three visits on each property annually in winter, early and late summer. Conducted from late December through early March, winter pruning thins and shapes woody shrubs to ensure natural and optimal growth throughout the season. Winter pruning is essential to control and alter size, while maintaining the plants natural shape. Early spring pruning includes shaping of hedges such as Boxwood, Privet, Ilex, Yews and Euonymus. Late summer pruning includes selective touchups of ornamental plants for shaping and healthy growth.

Furniture Care Program

While outdoor furniture is made to stay in the elements, it’s not resistant to dust, dirt, and mold especially as harsh conditions set in during the winter. Our furniture care program includes services such as on-site and off-site cleaning, winter on-site wrapping, winter on-site and off-site storage, and spring set up. In addition, specialty services such as cushion recovering and teak reconditioning can also be arranged through our in-house outdoor furniture experts.

Annuals Program

Seasonal color in beds or pots is the perfect way to continually refresh a landscape and give a property season-long, eye-catching appeal. Our team of experts will work with you to capture your color preferences, add color and texture throughout your property, and craft a season long program of continuous interest.

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